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Balans Wellness Centre

Our aim is to make wellness fun and accessible, ensuring a holistic approach to assist each individual to optimal balance. The focus is on inspiring healthy habits in your daily life.

A multidisciplinary team of experts includes wellness coordinators, nutritionists, personal trainers, and therapists.

The wellness centre is open to our hotel guests, and visitors.

Balans Studio

We invite you to join our classes.



Balans Aqua

Try our workouts in the water to improve posture and strengthen your core.


Balans Kids Club

Balans Kids Club offers a variety of group classes: Chess, swimming, yoga&meditation for kids, dance for kids.

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Amber Wellness Spa

Drawing on our heritage we offer an extensive menu of traditional treatments and modern spa techniques such as massages, body and face treatments, as well as hydro and mud therapies, thermotherapy and electro stimulation.

Our highly trained and professional staff will nurture you through your treatments allowing you to connect to your core, feel a stronger body and mind.
Our facilities include 15 soothing spa treatment rooms, a consultation room, relaxation area, pedicure/manicure area and a hair salon.

Russian Banya

The Russian banya offers a truly traditional experience. It includes a time honored bathing custom which involves switching between a hot sauna and cold plunge pool to stimulate circulation. A traditional besom ritual is performed in the sauna using birch twigs soaked in water, which are gently rubbed and tapped all over the body.

Banya is separate for woman and men.

The banya is a great treatment to detox, improve circulation and boost the immune system.